We specialize in providing effective resource solutions to our partners and offering attractive opportunities to our specialists. Today, we are recognized within our field and are proud of the unrivalled service that we offer to both our partners and specialists. Focus and dedication is at the heart of our business. We are committed, and we strive to keep leading initiatives within our sector.

SUN IKONS is organization that is built upon professionalism. We promote a dynamic environment that embraces new ideas and encourages innovation. Our people are the key to our success and we are all looking forward to an inspiring future. We are dedicated to serving the individual needs of our customers through personalized attention, flexibility, reliable services and innovative solutions. At the core of our technology driven company, the key to our success is our people. A continual focus on improving customer satisfaction and steadfast dedication to developing the talents of our staff are the standards that ensure Dots as your most valuable business partner


We believe that Quality is not merely a concept, but a measurable quality. The measure of acceptance is defined by the customer. We believe this measure of acceptance must met by us at all times.

We believe that is achieved not by repairing what has already gone wrong with the product or service, but is achieved by designing a process which does not permit a defective output.